His Former Family Gave Up On Him Because He Couldn’t Use His Back Legs. Now, He Runs Like The Wind

This little dog couldn’t use his back legs, so his first family quickly gave up on him. But other people saw him as a fighter, and it didn’t take long for this sweet pup to prove them right!

He was cared for by the Sacramento SPCA who gave him therapy to help him regain the use of his back legs. After doing swimming exercises, among many others, the pup began using his back legs more and more.

His resiliency is one of a kind, and they named him Hercules because of how sting-willed he is. After all the hard work, Hercules can now fully use his back legs. Not only that, but he can run like the wind!

Hercules has since been adopted, and now he has a doggy brother and a family who will never ever leave him behind like his first family did. Watch his journey in the video below:

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