Golden Retriever Was Dumped On The Beach, Then Rescuers Noticed His 46-Pound Tumor

Henry, a Golden Retriever, was rescued as a stray in Newport Beach, California. Newport Beach Animal Control received a call that there was a dog that was dumped on the beach. They immediately went there to retrieve the dog, and were taken aback. Henry had a 46-pound tumor on his side, and they brought him to an animal hospital right away to remove it.

The tumor was so big that he couldn’t even lift his leg to relieve himself, and it was so heavy that he could barely walk with the weight of it. Vets say he is around 8 years old and believe he was once a family dog. His personality is very bubbly and he is extremely friendly and affectionate. Despite being left alone and having that huge tumor, all he wanted to do was give kisses and wag his tail.

It’s unknown whether this is a case of cruelty or neglect but it is currently being investigated. Thankfully Henry is safe now and doesn’t have to carry so much weight around anymore.

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