See How This Woman Reacts To Finding Her Dog That’s Been Missing For 3 Years

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A French Bulldog that went missing almost three years ago has been miraculously returned to his owner in California.

The last time the woman, or anyone else, had reported seeing little Hemi was in November 2015. After escaping from home, the dog seemingly disappeared without a trace.

Nearly three years later, the woman from Orinda had all but given up hope until a warm July weekend saw Hemi return in tact.

Source: Facebook/WKTVU Fox 2 Hemi jumped into an officer's patrol car during a traffic stop.

Source: Facebook/WKTVU Fox 2
Hemi jumped into an officer’s patrol car during a traffic stop.

The dog apparently jumped into an Antioch police car while the officer was making a traffic stop, ABC 7 reports.

Needless to say, the woman was overjoyed with the return of her long lost dog. And thankfully, someone captured video of their reunion.

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