Puppy That Was Stolen From A Shelter Is Reunited With His Owners

After a harrowing 24 hours, a stolen puppy was reunited with its owners after having been stolen from a California animal rescue.

According to ABC 7, the 3-month-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi pup was stolen from ARE Animal Rescue in Hemet, California, while it was there awaiting neutering.

The rescue said that a woman walked into their shelter and then was seen on surveillance footage walking out with the puppy. The rescue stated that she’d entered into the establishment under false pretenses, pretending that she was there to inquire about kitten adoption.

The woman, who was seen to be accompanied by a small child, can be observed on the surveillance video scooping the little corgi out of the crate before carrying him off. The corgi, who is named Kai, had been out of his neutering surgery for an hour when the woman stole him.

A $1,000 reward was offered for information regarding the theft. But then, a day after Kai’s disappearance, the Hemet police were happy to announce to the public that Kai had been located and reunited with his owners. And adding to the good news, the woman responsible for the theft was taken into custody.

Police stated that thanks to some helpful leads, they were able to track down the woman’s whereabouts and find Kai. The authorities issued a statement that read, “Detectives conducted follow-up at a residence within the city and were successful in locating the female and the puppy Kai. She was placed under arrest for the theft of the puppy and later transported to Riverside County Jail.”

It was later revealed that the identity of the thief was 21-year-old Hemet resident Chanel Groffo. According to Hemet police, the woman was charged with felony theft of a dog, and her bail was issued at $10,000. Her legal situation still is not clear as to whether or not she has representation, but her court date is scheduled for 01/27/2021.

When Kai was taken, his family shared their grief with ABC 7, but since the little puppy has been found and safely returned, the family has been beside themselves with relief and happiness. Police even shared a photo of the reunion, stating that the family were “ecstatic.”

As for ARE Animal Rescue’s owner Amber Schlieder, she shared with ABC 7 how horrifying it was to realize Kai had been stolen.

As she stated, “It was honestly the most horrible phone call I’ve ever had to make. To call her and say that somebody had just stolen this baby, just right out from under us.”

Thankfully, little Kai is now back home where he belongs!

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