With Warmer Weather Approaching, Here Is What You Should Do If You Ever Find A Pup Locked In A Car!

Summer time is quickly approaching and with that brings the inevitable heat! Now most people are aware that it is a very bad idea to leave your pooch in a hot car, but alas, there are still some humans that do leave their pups in their car, unattended on a very hot day. Now, while some may not think this is a big deal, it can be very life threatening to your pup, even if the windows are cracked open. According to veterinarian, Dr. Ernie Ward, even if you leave all of your car’s windows slightly opened you are still putting your pup at risk because of the lack of breeze and ventilation.

YouTube- The Dodo

YouTube- The Dodo

In an attempt to help all the pups out in the world that are locked in a car by their owners, the YouTube channel The Dodo has put together a list of helpful steps that someone should do if they encounter these types of situations. Step one and two are to call 911 and take down all of the cars information. Step three is to attempt to find the owner and have them take the pup out of the car. Step four is, if you are unable to find the owner, wait for help to arrive. The last step that they suggest is considered to be a last resort. In some states, such as Florida and Tennessee, it is perfectly legal to break open a person’s car window in order to save the dog or other animal that is locked inside. The Dodo stresses that this step is only to be used in circumstances where you cannot find the owner and help has not arrived.

This list of helpful steps, while hopefully is unneeded, can help you save a pups life one day. Just a bit of knowledge to share in the face of warmer weather.

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