Help Writer Dennis Lehane Find His Beagle Tessa

On the afternoon of Christmas Eve, while people all over the country were preparing for festivities with their families, or busy preparing for the popular Christmas dinner the next day, writer Dennis Lehane and his family were distraught over their beloved dog Tessa, their 4-year-old recently rescued beagle who had made her way out of her yard in Brookline, Massachusetts.

To date, there have been a lot of leads but Tessa is still missing. I wanted to write this article to spread the word about Tessa because a lot of people would have been traveling over the Christmas holiday and someone may have seen Tessa. Perhaps someone brought her into their home to save her from freezing on the streets. Maybe someone heard something that can help reunite the Lehane family with its precious dog. Maybe someone reading this post hasn’t heard anything about it until now.

I also hope that this article can help people get ideas of what to do when your dog is missing, not that we are all in Lehane’s situation. He’s is offering a monetary reward for Tessa’s return, as well as a character in his next book named after the person that helps him be reunited.

He has organized many flyer walks, where volunteers join him and his family hanging up flyers around areas that have had beagle sightings. Unfortunately, certain towns are not allowing flyers to be hung up any longer, so word of mouth and foot searches are so important at this time.

He also has started a Facebook page, “Finding Tessa” where people can write to them about leads or possible sightings. The page has dog lovers up to date on the search, especially important for those that can’t be in the Brookline area to help find her. Tessa is micro-chipped, but there is a strong belief now that since she hasn’t been found yet, she is most likely in a private home.

So, what should you do if your dog goes missing? We can’t all offer a monetary reward, but we can get the word out on social media sites, making sure to include pictures. Keep recent pictures, digitally and in print. That’s very important. Keep note of markings that can distinguish your dog from another dog of the same breed and coloring. We can ask for volunteers to help pass out flyers, as well as asking store owners to hang up flyers in their front windows.

Call local shelters frequently, and the animal control office in your town as well as nearby towns. Contact your vet, as well as other vets and other animal business owners in the area. You never know what they may hear from clients, or where someone would bring a dog they find.

Explore information online about the type of dog you have, in regards to what they may do if they find themselves in an unknown place. Will their personality traits make them run, hide, or make friends with any human that comes along? Will they willingly go somewhere with strangers, or are they less likely to trust a human they just met? Having your pet micro-chipped is a great idea, and can help reunite many dogs and owners.

I hope that these tips help, but I’m sure there are many tips I haven’t even thought of or am aware of myself. Do you have any additional tips? Do you have any stories of how you were reunited with a missing dog?

I look forward to hearing from you. I’ll keep you all updated with any more information on Tessa.

Juliet Carty Greene is the proud pet Mommy of Yoda, Wendy, and Willow. She has been happily married for over a year and lives in Salem, MA. Besides writing and expanding her knowledge on dogs, she’s an avid winter-time knitter and all-around animal lover.

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