These Complex Catios Are Going Viral On Social Media

Do you ever get the feeling that your cat has it better then you?

Hellas Pet Enclosures has made a business out of guaranteeing their customers that feeling with elaborate caged-in cat walks.

One of HPE’s recent designs is going viral on social media. Pet parents Melanie and Greg posted pictures of their backyard cat city care of HPE on Facebook.

This incredible work will have you wishing you were a cat!

In this extravagant cat walk, the couple’s felines can slink around to get a top-level view from nearly anywhere in the yard.

“Absolutely LOVE this!” wrote Daisy Delgado. “Have to show it to my husband for notes! 😉 he’s been dying to make one for our three fur babies! Is it weather treated? If so, what would you recommend?!”

Delgado even included a picture of her own furry felines.

Daisy Delgado asked if her husband could build this cat community himself.

Source: Faceboook/Daisy Delgado
Daisy Delgado asked if her husband could build this cat community himself.

“This is a cat community…a sub-division,” commented Hootie Clarke. “Your cats have to be among the happiest cats alive. Congratulations on being among the best cat parents ever!”

“You probably won’t see this comment with the amount of others you have received, but I have to leave it anyway,” commented Judy Merriman Burris. “This is the most professional, architecturally appealing, purrfect in every way Catio I have ever seen…including real life and media. Congratulations on making something that could be mundane and tacky so visually appealing and just right for the owners! 🐈🐈🐈. Their owners must be exceptional people.”

“The most amazing wonderful kitty enclosure I have ever seen,” wrote Carol Flynn. “The cats that live here are the most blessed to have people who give them so much joy and love. I wish I had access to someone who knew how to create such an amazing home for my little loves. Thank you for your amazing job and sharing. Maybe you will inspire others who have this talent to do the same.

“We custom built Melanie and Greg’s kitties a large window catio 2 years ago. Check out this spectacular addition they had us build for their super lucky kitties!!” HPE posted. “Extensive cat walk through the trees, leading to a Grand Catio, so much enrichment and safe outdoor fun!”

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