This Cutie Was Abandoned And Seriously Injured! Thankfully His Recovery Was A Speedy One!

Meet Hedgie the Hedgehog. His previous owners abandoned him when they moved out of their apartment. His owners had left him in a box and it wasn’t until weeks later that the apartment’s maintenance staff discovered Hedgie when they went to move the box. Hedgie was given to a rescue group and in turn the rescue brought Hedgie to Vet Ranch.

Upon his arrival at Vet Ranch, Hedgie was not a happy camper. He kept himself in a tight little ball and refused to let Dr. Karri examine him. Hedgie was not happy and he was in pain. So Dr. Karri decided the best course of action was to sedate the angry little hedgehog so that she could determine what was causing his eye to bleed. Once he was sedated, Dr. Karri set to work. She was able to uncurl him from his ball and examine his eye. It turned out that his eye was severely damaged. So much so that the only option that would restore Hedgie’s quality of life was to remove his damaged eye. Thankfully, Dr. Karri was able to perform the surgery right then and there. This allowed Hedgie to only have to go through being anesthetized once.

Hedgie’s surgery was a roaring success. Dr. Karri was easily able to remove the damaged eye and after a few rounds of pain medications and antibiotics, Hedige was woken up! And just like his surgery, Hedgie’s recovery was super quick! It took a mere three days for Hedgie to be declared healed. He was no longer the pain filled angry little hedgehog that arrived at Vet Ranch, Hedgie was now happy and ready to be sent home!

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