New T.V. Show Helps People Find Their Pur-fect Rescue Dog Match

Adopting a pet is a very special moment. It’s the chance to get a furry companion of your choosing and let them know that they are about to be so incredibly loved for the rest of their lives. It’s truly an intimate moment when you pick your new bestie. HBO Max now wants to explore the adoption process in a very in-depth look through a new show “The Dog House: UK.”

It’s an unscripted show that will be available on the streaming service. According to a press release from HBO, the whole premise of the show is to explore the “complexity of the human-dog ‘dating’ experience.” It sounds pretty emotionally intense.

“The Dog House: UK” is set to be filmed in Wood Green, an animal rescue that is in the UK countryside. The rescue works tirelessly to give homeless dogs a second chance at finding a loving forever home. The show will be structured such that each episode follows the story of a different rescue dog. All the stories will show the arc of each pup’s sad starts to their happily ever afters with their new families – some of which have pretty eventful sorties of their own.

There is already a trailer out for the new show, and from the clips, it is clear that the Wood Green staff take their mission very seriously – doing anything that they need to in order to match up their dogs with the right owners. It certainly looks like the type of show that will be featuring all the emotions, so you might want to stock up on the tissues ahead of its premiere date.

HBO Max will be releasing “The Dog House: UK” on the 23rd of July. This isn’t the streaming service’s only new content that will be released. There has also been news about HBO Max releasing a documentary about New Jersey’s infamous Action Park, as well as a new Batman series that focuses on the Gotham City Police. Sounds like they’ll be giving Netflix a run for their money!

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