Watch How This Little Puppy Sneakily Steals His Treats From The Kitchen!

Hazel the Bulldog is one smart and sneaky pup!

He knows exactly where his favorite snack is in the kitchen! He paws open the lazy susan cabinet and grabs a hold of the bag that his snack is in. After some struggle, he finally manages to pull the bag down (which is almost bigger than he is!). After failing to open it, his owner sternly says “Hazel,” but Hazel ignores her and picks the bag up in his mouth and runs it into the living room. The best part is, he gives her the side eye as he’s running by her as if he’s saying “ha ha you can’t catch me!” He quickly brings the bag under the bar stool where he believes he can eat his snack without anyone snatching it from him.

I guess it’s safe to say that you can never trust Hazel while he’s home alone! He’s lucky he’s so adorable!!

Source: Sneaky puppy knows where to find treats by abagaile on Rumble

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