First A Puppy Mill, Then A Shelter. Now This Pup Is Finally Getting A Ride To The Best Place Of All!

Freedom Ride (n): 1) The trip a pup takes from the shelter to a family when they’ve finally found their furever home. 2) The best car ride a dog ever has.

And that is exactly what this adorable Basset Hound puppy, named Hazel, got to experience! Hazel was rescued from a puppy mill and brought to Southampton Animal Shelter. Many dogs that come from puppy mills sadly have health issues; Hazel has a genetic deformity that caused her to be born without hip joints. Although she cannot walk normal, it doesn’t slow her down!

Thankfully her time came to get scooped up out of her kennel and onto her freedom ride! When Lei Le, Kayla, and they mother saw Hazel, it was love at first sight. She is adorable, sweet, and extremely playful. What’s not to love?! Watch her freedom ride with her new family as they head to her furever home. Now, she will always know what it’s like to feel love!

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