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As the National Dog of Cuba, it is no wonder that this pup would be popular in that area. But the Havanese also has a good following elsewhere as well. The Havanese is a beautiful dog breed with a silky, long coat and friendly demeanor. Due to its beautiful traits, the Havanese is a popular show dog but is equally as popular in the family home.
This breed has coats in many different colors. The Havanese is a small dog breed, standing approximately 8.5 to 11.5 inches high at the shoulder.
Families love adding the Havanese to their home as this dog breed is easy to train, intelligent and lovable by nature. Don’t let its small stature fool you. The Havanese has a larger than life personality and needs a good amount of exercise each day. This dog loves to get outdoors and romp around whenever possible. Since it is a smaller dog breed, apartment living works fine for the Havanese.
Grooming the Havanese takes a little more time than some other dog breeds due to the long silky coat of fur. This breed does not shed which makes it popular with those individuals who have allergies. Brushing the fur on a regular basis will keep it looking nice and a professional grooming trip now and again will help with the grooming maintenance as well.
The Havanese is the perfect pet for families, both with and without children. Keeping the Havanese happy is easy to do with daily walks, attention and love. This dog will train easily and follow the commands of its owner consistently. If you want a small dog which has a pleasant demeanor and loves to be around its family, the Havanese is the perfect dog to choose.

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