Hero Dog Haus, Who Saved His Little Girl From A Rattlesnake, Makes Full Recovery… YAY!

A German Shepherd named Haus became a superstar when he rescued his little human from a rattlesnake, sustaining bites that nearly cost him his life. Haus, at only two years old, knew just what to do when a venomous snake approached his favorite little girl, placing his body between them and saving her life!

The story became national news (and for good reason), and we are happy to report that Haus made a full recovery. He is now at home with his family doing great.

Of course, it was touch and go prior to his release, as Haus received a constant drip of anti-venom medication. The bites were so severe that a shot or two of anti-venom just wasn’t for this furry superhero.

He can be seen, in the video below by the Dodo, convalescing as his family stayed VERY close by. A GoFundMe was started for Haus and raised $52,000 to cover his medical expenses. Anything left over will be donated to a good cause Haus would approve of.

Some more coverage on Haus and his recovery:

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