Mini Dachshund Is Trained To Only Responds To Harry Potter Spells

Teaching dogs tricks isn’t an overnight accomplishment. It takes patience in order to get them to be able to sit, bark, or roll over on command. And to get them to do more complicated tricks such as skateboarding or solving math problems requires even more patience!

But there is one dog owner who is putting all dog parents to shame with her incredible trick of having taught miniature dachshund, Remus, Harry Potter spells.

YouTuber Anna Brisbin is obsessed with the wizarding world first created by JK Rowling. And Brisbin recently went on social media in order to share her very impressive video that shows off Remus’s understanding of various Harry Potter spells.

“I taught my puppy Remus dog tricks in the form of Harry Potter spells. Because of course I did,” Brisbin wrote alongside the video.

And all my fellow Potterheads out there, trust me, this video is so cute it will make you lose your mind!

And if you’re wondering, yes, Remus is on Instagram! As his page claims, the little dog “love[s] belly rubs and hate[s] full moons.” You can click here to follow him.

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