Homeless Pup Suffering From Facial Burns Is Now Wagging His Tail And Happier Than Ever!

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This homeless pup, named Harrison, had what seemed to be bad chemical burns on his face, as well as demodectic mange. He was treated at another shelter for a couple of weeks but still looked pretty bad. Thankfully he was finally brought to Vet Ranch, where they took him in and got him healthy again!

He had skin flapping off his face and it was very raw. Many of his toenails were either half off or coming off and he was very malnourished and just in very poor shape. Dr. Matt Carrier began his treatment, and also bathed him to soak his scales to get the dangling skin off his face. Six weeks later, you can already see how much he had improved; his hair began growing back and he was much happier and more energetic. The vet also had him neutered as well. Three months after getting Harrison, he was back to normal health and doing great. Unfortunately the hair on his face never fully grew back in, but he was still very happy and feeling much better! Harrison is now with a foster, waiting for his furever home!

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