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The Harrier is a scent hound and hare hunter originating in England. This breed is always dedicated to the hunt and will keep at it until the prey is found. The Harrier is known for having an outgoing nature, friendly demeanor and athletic attributes.
The coat of the Harrier comes in various colors and this dog breed is on the smaller size, standing around 18 to 22 inches high at the shoulder.
In addition to being a hunting dog, the Harrier is also a great family dog. The Harrier is definitely a people pleaser. These dogs are extremely intelligent and quite easy to train overall due to their intelligence. As for exercise, you must allow your Harrier to get a good amount of daily exercise. This breed is a hunter by nature and therefore needs the space to run freely, such as a fenced-in yard.
Grooming your Harrier doesn’t take too long at all to accomplish. The Harrier has a short coat with fine hair and brushing every once in a while will do the trick. A professional grooming trip every so often can be undertaken as well. As the Harrier has its times of shedding, the brushing each week will help to keep shedding under control.
This breed is an excellent one to have in the home. So long as you can provide your Harrier with quality, daily exercise and provide it with the love and companionship it requires, this dog will be perfectly content within your home.

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