She Takes Her Chocolate Lab To A Field… Then He Finds Mud. Can You Guess The Rest? LOL!

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Pigs aren’t the only ones who love mud! Harley the Chocolate Labrador went for a walk with his human. They stumbled upon big, deep tracks in the dirt which turned to watery mud after it rained. When Harley sees mud, he can’t help but go full pig-mode. He loves a good mud bath!

He starts to roll around the muddy water on his back and tummy. He squirms all around in it like a worm, and is COMPLETELY covered in muddy water! He is soaked and is totally camouflaged with the mud. His owner asks how she’s going to get him home. Good question! It’s already pretty obvious how bath time will be! What a silly pup! At least he’s having fun!

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