Injured Dog Was Living On The Streets, But His Positive And Happy Demeanor Is Inspiring

This dog was brought into Vet Ranch as an injured stray. Despite being homeless and also being hurt, this sweet pup named Oliver is one of the happiest dogs you’ll ever see. We all could learn a thing or two from him!

He had a bad hip joint which didn’t completely hinder his ability to walk, but he wasn’t able to use that leg or put pressure on it. It was also causing him pain. The only way to fix this issue is to perform surgery. After surgery, he would still limp, but only because the hip joint will be different, not because he is still in pain. So it will still be a much better quality of life for him.

In the x-ray, you can see the ball of the femur bone popped out as opposed to in the hip joint socket. The interesting part about it, is that the injured femur wasn’t as dense as his other leg’s. This is because the body was naturally trying to dissolve the bone on its own so that it’d eventually pop back into place. It’s amazing what the body can do!

During the surgery, they cut off the head and neck of the femur bone so that it could fit back in place in the socket. The morning after surgery, Oliver was already back to his happy and energetic self! He went to live with a foster while he recovered.

A few weeks later, he can back in for a checkup and was doing very well! It’s amazing after all Oliver has been through, he’s never lost his positive attitude, smile, or wagging tail. Two months later, they checked on him again, and he was already running around like a crazy pup. The best news of all is that his foster mom fell so much in love with him that she’ll most likely be adopting him! Now Oliver will always have plenty to be happy about!

Watch Oliver’s journey and transformation in the video below. Surgery has graphic content that is blurred out, but we still recommend fast-forwarding through that part if you are squeamish!

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