It Was This Dog’s Last Day On Earth, So Her Human Made Sure It Was The Best One Ever

Hannah, an American Pit Bull-Labrador mix, was getting old, and with age came a plethora of problems. Her hips had begun causing issues and she was having trouble walking without pain medication.

Then the medication started causing seizures, and she developed issues with her liver. So she was taken off the meds, but the seizures only got worse. So, her owner and best friend of 11 years, 24-year-old Kyle Amick, knew she couldn’t let her suffer anymore and decided to put her down. She said it was the worst thing she’s had to choose in life, but she knew it was the right thing to do.

On Hannah’s last day, Amick gave her extra pain meds and took her out for a fun-filled day. She wanted their last hours together to be ones to remember. First, she took her to get a relaxing bath. Then she went for a long drive where she got yummy treats and was able to stick her head out the window and feel the cool breeze on her face. She even got to have a delicious McDonald’s cheeseburger!

After that, she got to have one final playdate with her doggy friend, Vinny. Hannah and Vinny have been best friends for nine years! They had a lot of fun together, which tired Hannah out, so she laid down to rest. Then she got her nails painted a pretty pink color before driving on her mom’s lap to the vet.

This was an extremely emotional day for Amick and her family. It’s never easy saying goodbye to our beloved furbabies, but sometimes it’s the right thing to do. Hannah will always have a piece of Amick’s heart; and after watching this, she has a piece of mine too!

Amick documented the whole day through Snapchats, which you can watch in the video below:

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