Watch This Handicapped Dog Run For The First Time In His Life Thanks To His New Prosthetic Legs!

Derby the Husky was born with underdeveloped front limbs and was almost put down because of it. He eventually wound up at the Peace and Paws Dog Rescue shelter in Hillsborough, N.H., and was soon taken in by a woman named Tara Anderson, who not only fostered him but also changed his life.

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Anderson is a director at 3D Systems, a company that specializes in 3-D printing. When she heard about Derby, she knew she’d be able to use her skills to give him a second chance.

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She attached Derby with a wheeled cart to help him walk around while she was coming up with something even better. The staff at 3D systems came up with a custom set of prosthetic legs that would allow him to run around like a normal dog.

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While they were being made, Derby found his furever home with the Portanova family.

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The day finally came for Derby to try on his custom made prosthetics and run for the first time in his life.

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“It was incredible and emotional the first time we saw him run on his new legs,” his owner told The Dodo. “Incredible because it was his very first time on them and emotional because he was so excited to be running.”

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Emotional and incredible, indeed! Derby was always a happy dog, but now he can experience things that he was never able to before.

Watch his story and footage of him running for the first time here:

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