Handicapable Dachshunds Race To The Finish Line. 12 Seconds In, My Heart MELTED.

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Every year, the Cleveland Oktoberfest holds a special Olympics for dogs. This past Oktoberfest, rescued handicapped Dachshunds on wheels raced each other to the finish line. “On your mark, get set, go!” Two wiener dogs come sprinting out as fast as they can, flying by on their wheels. One is a bit faster than the other and comes out victorious.

You think that it’s just these two racing, but then the camera pans back to the little straggler. The third Dachshund isn’t as fast on his wheels as the other two, and is really taking his time. When he’s on his way to the finish line, he stops half way while the crowd breaks out with a loud applause and cheers. He finally makes it to the finish line and is all tag wails! Nothing can stop these little guys from doing normal dog activities, not even wheels!

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