8 Hamsters Are Ready To Get Fed… Now Keep Your Eye On The Lightest Colored One!

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If you have young children or you once were a child (which I think most of us were), then odds are you once had (or still have!) a few hamsters or gerbils living in your home. Growing up, gerbils and hamsters were the first pets we were allowed to have. If we showed our furry, four-legged friends the love and care they needed, then our parents would consider adopting a puppy or kitten for us. However, I’ve come to love and appreciate the silly and active nature of hamsters and gerbils and consider them entertaining pets that are definitely worth consideration! (Not solely as “starter” pets as some people might think.)

You won’t believe what this little hamster is up to! Looks like this little guy can’t help but literally flip out over his new food and all his fellow hamster friends! If you’re wondering if something might be wrong with the little guy, don’t worry! What this little hamster is doing is actually called star gazing.

Star gazing is a behavioral pattern that some little hamsters are born with, which causes them to stand on hind legs, turn their gaze upwards, and flip right over. Commonly, many people think this means the hamsters should be euthanized, but actually if they are well cared for they can live happy, relatively normal lives! So, if you see one of the hamsters at your local pet shop flipping out, think twice before disregarding that rare and lovable, little star gazer!

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