This Tiny Hamster Is Nibbling On His Snack, When He Does THIS At :17 My Cuteness Senses Broke!

All animals are adorable in their own way…but sometimes the tinier they are, the cuter they get. This little Russian Dwarf hamster, named Dumptruck, is tinier than ever, and has stolen my heart in a matter of seconds! She is too sweet for words, and I just want to pinch those adorable puffy cheeks!!

She is in her owner’s hand, munching on a little snack that is much too big for her little cheeks. She holds the treat with both of her tiny hands and nibbles away a mile a minute. She starts to slow down her nibbling and begins to fall asleep, but then starts munching away again. Then after a few seconds she starts to doze off again. She looks exhausted, but really wants her treat! She’s precious! How can you not love that face?!

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