This Halloween Parade Sure Went To The Dogs!

Halloween is a time to be as silly as you want to be without judgement. If you go out on the town, you will probably see some incredible and intricate costumes, and it’s wonderful to see people get into the spirit. However, no matter how hard we work at it, none of us will ever be as adorable as the dogs that took part in the Tompkins Square Halloween Parade. Dog families from all over the country flocked to New York to take part, and the results were astounding!

Sadly, we can’t feature everyone that participated, but these 18 stand-outs will melt your heart and make you laugh uproariously!

Let us know which one is your favorite!


Time to walk in another man’s shoes. Will he ever bark at the mailman again?


He might be the hero we deserve, but he’s not the hero we need right now.


Who ya gonna call? #ghostbusters

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Now THIS is a remake we can all get behind!


I am obsessed with Princess Leia. #halloweendogparade

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Help me Obi-Wan Pawnobi, you’re my only hope.


He sure looks the part of superhero!

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