They Raced Against The Clock To Save Four Puppies, See Where They Are Now!

Six puppies desperately needed help. They had such a severe case of mange that they lost all of their fur. The puppies were seized from an abandoned house in Detroit. The animal control shelter was overcrowded so they reached out to Kristina Rinaldi for help.

Kristina Rinaldi, the executive director of Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR) told The Dodo: “I’ve seen a lot of mange cases in my dog rescue career, but this was the worst mange I had ever seen. Their lymph nodes were swollen. Their eyes were swollen shut. Their skin was peeling off.”

The puppies were barely hanging on. In the blink of an eye two puppies, sadly, passed away. Time was critical! They were racing against the clock! The remaining puppies were given names by DDR volunteers: Wilbur, Petunia, Pinkie and Arthur.

The medical staff agreed they could alleviate their pain through medication so they continued to work to save the puppies.

Each day, the puppies got better and better but they had a long way to go. They remained in medical boarding for 12 weeks then they were released into foster care. Their mange was still very serious and they were still hairless. So, to alleviate the itching and to keep them warm, they pups were dressed in onesies.

“Everybody on our team who had had a baby dug into their boxes and brought baby onesies in for them because their skin was so delicate,” Rinaldi said. “They lived in baby onesies for about four months.”

With extreme patience and love from their foster families AND the pups’ fighting spirits, their health got better and better. Their fur began to grow in too! Ah-mazing!

Thanks to rescuers who wouldn’t give up on them, four dogs at the brink of death are alive and well!

Rinaldi says it best: “… we always make the decision that if you try hard enough, you can do this. Nothing is impossible.”

Source: The Dodo, Photos: Detroit Dog Rescue

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