The Number Of Strays In This Country Is Overwhelming, But People Are Doing Amazing Things To Help

The number of street dogs in Guyana in South America is overwhelming, just like many other parts of the world.

Unfortunately, since the majority of them are not spayed or neutered they just keep reproducing, which makes it nearly impossible to save all of these dogs.

Luckily, there are many rescuers who go out in the streets daily and help rescue strays to try and manage the sad overpopulation of these poor pups. They then bring them to get spayed and neutered, as well as vaccinated to prevent the spread of rabies and other diseases.

One particular rescue was of a tiny, adorable puppy who was lying at the top of a sand pile sound asleep, while his sibling was walking around nearby. Many of these stray dogs are in horrible shape – sick, malnourished, and dying. They’re left to fend for themselves, searching for food and fresh water, healing their own ailments, and are even forced to find dens to give birth in since there aren’t many safe places.

The people of Guyana definitely do care about these street dogs, even if they’re unable to give them a home. They leave them scraps of food all the time, and are well aware of the bonds that exist between humans and dogs.

Learn more about the street dogs in Guyana and what people are doing to help by watching the video below:

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