This Guy Thinks He Looks Really Cool, But The Joke’s On Him! Wait Until You See What His Puppy Does!

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This guy is determined to show off his fitness, balance and strength in front of the camera. He probably thinks he looks very cool but the truth is, he’s about to be upstaged – big time! The guy has got a little platform set up and he’s holding a handstand as long as he possibly can, with as much control as he possibly can. There’s only one problem. His little puppy thinks his human’s actions are very weird! He walks around him for a second and then decides this must be some new type of play!

The puppy gets right in the guys face and steals his glasses! To his credit, the guy doesn’t immediately fall over, but eventually his playful puppy interruption ends up being too much for him to handle and he looses it – falling right off his platform!

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