Guinea Pig Sisters Happily Share A Sweet “Lady And The Tramp” Moment…Until They Reach The Last Bite…

These two adorable fluffy Guinea pig sisters Gracie and Suzie seem to enjoy sharing snacks together. In this case it’s a green leaf, and they couldn’t look more adorable eating it! They quickly nibble on each end of the leaf, but once they get to the end, neither make it easy for the other to get the last bite! But what are siblings without a little fighting involved?!

It leads to a Lady-And-The-Tramp-like smooch, which is pawdorable! But they then struggle back and forth trying to rip the last bite out of each other’s mouth. But what makes it even funnier is that it’s in slow motion! They finally managed to rip the leaf in half, and it seems as if they both got a fair, even amount!

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