This Guilty Pup Is CAUGHT In The Act. His Reaction At :03? My Sides Hurt!

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When puppies are left alone, they tend to get themselves into all sorts of predicaments. Mostly relating to tearing up paper, homework, shoes, or anything of value to you really. But you love them regardless, because, well, they are the cutest things ever and basically your BFF in canine form.

This hilarious puppy gets caught red-handed while getting himself into some paper ripping shenanigans when his owner happens upon him with a video recorder in hand. (Clearly, this has happened before!) Once he realizes he’s been caught, the pup has the most hilarious reaction!! I guarantee you won’t be able to hold back the laughter once you see the pup’s face and what he does once he’s been caught!! What a scrappy, smart little pup!

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