These Guilty Dogs Were All Caught In The Act, But Their Reactions Say It All!

Just like there are no perfect people, there are no perfect dogs (even though I’ve sworn that every dog I’ve ever had is perfect). Human children tend to make huge messes and get into some things that maybe they shouldn’t. Dogs are no different.

Like this Great Dane who decided to rummage around in the trash while her human was sleeping. As soon as she was caught, she snuck right out the back doggy door. The same goes for these two pups who go into hiding every time their human brings up his torn pants. Hmmmm wonder who could’ve done it?!

Some guilty dogs even build up enough courage to admit their wrongdoing, like this bulldog who raises his paw up when his human asks “who did this?”

Then there are those pesky little siblings who decide to tattle-tell on the culprit. These three pups were standing on the stairs while their human asks them who made the mess. Two of them turn and look right at their doggy sibling, who later sneaks away into the bedroom.

But regardless of the scenario, all of these dogs had one thing in common: that obvious look of guilt on their face! Whether they hide, look away, or admit to their mistake, they all understand that we are not happy with what they’ve done. But their faces are so adorable, how can we even be mad at them?!

Watch this paw-larious compilation of guilty dog videos below. Then you’ll see what I mean. Too cute!!

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