When A Guilty Dog Gets Caught And Does THIS, You’re Definitely Going To Smile!

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My favorite type of dogs are the goofy ones. The kind of dogs that you just laugh at because of how they scrunch up their face, chase the mailman, or lap up water in their own unique and hilarious way. And this pup is just about as goofy as they get!!

When this dog gets caught doing something he shouldn’t be, his owner calls him on it. Only to find the guilty pup has burst out in a hilarious smile! (Teeth and everything!!) Because, who could blame him for doing something wrong when he’s just sitting there smiling at you?!? This dog is smarter than he looks! He knows exactly when to whip out his adorable grin to get himself out of any trouble he’s been found in. Talk about an intelligent canine! At the end of the video, instead of a time out, the goofy pup receives a tummy rub!! Touché, smiling dog, touché. You have won this round!

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