Boomer Got Into The Tinsel, But When He’s Confronted? Wait Til’ You See Where He Hides!

This Boxer, named Boomer, got into the stash of tinsel and made a mess. His human goes to confront him and he immediately turns his head to look the other way as if that was going to make his human disappear. While his mom was questioning him about the crime, he decided that he needed to hide from her.

His dad is on the bed with him so Boomer makes the most of it. He crawls under his dads arms thinking that maybe he would protect him from his mom who was lecturing him. Every time his dad moves on the bed, Boomer follows and goes right back to hiding under him. How can you even be mad at that adorable face?!

Cat Returns Home With A Note From The Neighbors Attached To His Collar: Click “Next” below!

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