Family’s Guard Dog Gets Caught Napping On The Job

When we see a “Beware of Dog” sign, we probably get an instant vision in our head of a large dog, foaming at the mouth and just waiting for someone to cross that line. That wasn’t the case, however, when Scott Hubbard had his dog on duty. Rather than a large, ferocious animal, it is Gracie the Chihuahua, the family dog.

When the family adopted Gracie, they didn’t have in mind that she would be pulling security duty at their home. Chihuahuas tend to be a little snippy but Gracie was one chill pooch. All you have to do is look at the video when Gracie got caught sleeping on the job. All of us should be so fortunate.

Gracie may be on duty but she is not necessarily ready for action. I wouldn’t call her the best guard dog in the world, but it is said that she is a fantastic family pet.

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