Londoners Believe They’ve Found Grumpy Cat 2.0

In October, an unhappy stray named Saul found himself stuck in a London animal hospital after an unfortunate encounter with a car. A concerned stranger called in after seeing the bedraggled feline staggering around the street. Not only did the cat look absolutely miserable, he was in really bad shape, with a discharge oozing from his eyes and his nose, a bruised eye, injured teeth, and a broken jaw. (Just to throw salt in the wound, it was probably also raining).

Photo: RSPCA

The grumpy feline was immediately dispatched to London’s Putney Animal Hospital, where his jaw was wired shut, which did nothing to improve his understandable pessimism. Weeks later, however, Saul isn’t just on the road to recovery, his consistently dour expressions have brought him both internet celebrity and hospital fame.

Contrary to his outwardly grumpy demeanor, staff reports that the former stray is actually a good-natured cat who hasn’t led this unfortunate setback interfere with his playful side.

Photo: RSPCA

“Despite his constant scowl, Saul’s actually really sweet and friendly,” said veterinary director Caroline Allen, confiding that her team had already dubbed Saul Grumpy Cat 2.0 in anticipation of his trending internet fame and hopeful adoption.

“We’re sure someone will fall in love with this glum-looking puss!”

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