Grooming Services You Didn’t Know About – For Every Dog

Myth: Professional dog grooming is just for fancy show dogs and long haired breeds.
Fact: Every dog can benefit from the services of a professional groomer, no matter the breed or type of coat.
There is a common misconception among dog owners, that only certain breeds need regular trips to the groomer. But I’ll let you in on a little secret – there are lots of great services a groomer can provide for your dog. Many of which can greatly improve your life and the life of your dog, even if they don’t require regular haircuts. Some of these are things you may not know how to do while others are things that you simply may not want to do. Here are a few dog grooming services you might find beneficial.

Nail trims

Do you have a dog that hates to have their nails trimmed? Or maybe he has dark quicks and you’re scared of hurting him? Stop in and have your local groomer do it for you, and save yourself the hassle. Many groomers will do nail trims for walk in clients, no appointment necessary. You can also have them dremel their nails, so they are nice and smooth. I suggest having your dogs nails done every 2 to 3 weeks.
trimming dog nails

Sanitary trims

A sanitary is a trim of the area around a dogs anus, and the belly area around their genitals. This helps keep feces and or urine for getting caught in the hair around those areas. Many groomers, myself included, also trim the hair that grows on the bottom of a dogs feet between their paw pads. This keeps them from tracking in dirt and debris from outside, and will help dogs keep good traction on smooth floors. This can be very helpful to senior dogs that have a hard time getting up and down. Also, depending on the particular dog, sometimes the front arm pits are shaved as well. This is an area that is particularly proned to mats, due to friction and moisture while the dog walks around all day. For hairy dogs having this area shaved can be helpful in preventing mats. I recommend sanitary trims every 3 to 4 weeks, for dogs who need it.

Ear cleaning

All dogs need their ears cleaned from time to time, depending on the size and shape of their individual ears. It seems like most dogs I groom tend to fall in one extreme or another, they either have naturally squeaky clean ears or they have filthy ones. Check your dogs ears regularly for dirt and excess wax. You can buy pet ear cleaner and any local pet supply store, but if you are not comfortable doing it yourself have a groomer do it for you. Most dogs are to some degree sensitive about having their ears messed with, so having a groomer do it can be a great add on to a bath or nail trim.
Also poodles, poodle mixes, and many terrier breeds have hair that grows out their ear canal. These hairs can hold bacteria and cause ear infections. Your vet can tell you if you have a dog that needs their ears plucked. I wouldn’t recommend plucking your dogs ear if you don’t have experience with it, but your groomer would be happy to do it for you.

Teeth brushing

Teeth brushing, much like ear cleaning, is an important matter of hygiene for your dog. Brushing their teeth helps to give them fresh breath and prevent tartar build up just like your own teeth. I often find that many owners try their best to brush their dogs teeth, but their dog just won’t tolerate them sticking a tooth brush in their mouth. I don’t think I blame the dogs, I wouldn’t want someone else to do that to me either.  This is another service your groomer would be happy to do for you, to save you the trouble of  doing on a difficult dog.
Do you have questions about the different services a groomer can provide for your dog? Leave me your questions in the comments!

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