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Known as one of the fastest dog breeds around, the Greyhound is a wonderful family companion as well. As a hare hunter by nature, the Greyhound possesses exceptional speed and sight. Greyhounds are excellent family dogs and provide wonderful companionship for the entire family.
You will find Greyhounds with coats of all different colors, including fawn, red and black in addition to various color markings on the coat. Greyhounds are long and lean dogs which weigh approximately 60 to 70 pounds.
Although the Greyhound loves to be put on a task to work on, this breed also loves nothing more than hanging out with the family and lounging. Obedience training is a good idea when it comes to Greyhounds as this training will ensure that your dog listens to your commands each and every time. The training itself may take a little bit longer with the Greyhound as opposed to other dog breeds but it will pay off in the end if you just stick with it.
The Greyhound has a short coat and doesn’t need too much in the way of grooming. A simple brushing now and again will keep the coat looking nice. Exercise is essential with Greyhounds. These dogs love good, long runs and allowing your Greyhound to get outside daily will keep your pup more content when indoors.
If you are searching for a great family dog that will be lovable and dedicated, the Greyhound is a perfect choice. With some obedience training and continual daily exercise, your pup will be as happy and as well behaved as can be.

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