When This Greyhound Sees A Pool, Lookout! His Reaction Is So Cute!

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A dip in the pool is wonderful way to unwind, have fun, and enjoy some healthy exercise. There’s something about a pool that brings out the kid in us, and that holds true for dogs as well. Most dogs enjoy going for a swim in the family pool, but this happy little lady takes her love of water to a whole other level!

The shallow backyard pool is the perfect setting for a high-energy dog to show off her talents for running and swimming at the same time. Watch as this graceful greyhound relives her puppyhood jumping, diving, and splashing her heart out. She even plays with the water, nipping at it and letting out high-pitched yips of joy. Her owners clearly got a kick out of watching this canine water ballet, and will enjoy watching this footage for years to come. Doesn’t she make you want to go for a swim,too?

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