This Senior Dog’s Health Issues Made Her Unadoptable. But In The End, A Tiny Miracle!

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This ten-year-old dog, named Gretta, was sadly surrendered to a shelter with a vast array of issues. Aside from being a senior, she was never spayed and also had mammary tumors, bad skin, and dental issues. Because of her health problems, Gretta wasn’t adoptable and would have been euthanized. So the shelter called up Vet Ranch for some help!

They gave her medicated baths for her bad skin, which they think was from allergies. During the first surgery, they removed the larger tumor that she had and also spayed her. They tested the tumor and it came back benign. During the second surgery they removed the other two smaller tumors. Then they began the dental work of cleaning her teeth and removing the bad ones. The day after her second surgery she was already running around with a toy, looking happy as can be! Now she has a clean bill of health, and thankfully has already found a furever home!

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