Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, or Swissy as he is commonly called, is a cattle driver by nature and is quite agile. This breed works well in mountainous areas and herds cattle where they need to go with ease. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is an excellent working dog breed and loves doing a job, no matter what it may be.
This dog breed is black, tan and white in color and has a thick, short coat. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog stands approximately 23.5 to 28.5 inches high at the shoulder.
In addition to being a working dog, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog also does well with the family. It is a very social dog by nature and loves being around family members. Obedience training is recommended with this breed and it may take a little while until all obedience training results are fully shown. However, once fully trained, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog will follow commands easily.
As a working dog, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog should be outside for daily exercise as much as possible. Long runs are not necessary nor advisable but outdoor play and short walks each day will be perfect for this dog breed. Grooming the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog usually includes brushing the dog one or two times per week to keep the fur looking good and making shedding issues not as readily apparent.
The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog loves to go on hikes and have a task now and again to prevent boredom. Your dog will enjoy daily playtime and have a great time outdoors so make sure your pup gets outside everyday to keep them entertained.

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