4 Ways Our Readers Are Sharing The Love With Rescued Animals For Valentine’s Day

What do rescue puppies, kittens, and service dogs-in-training have in common? They’re all getting some extra love from Animal Rescue Site readers!

Your daily clicks, donations, and shopping are helping us save kittens like Sydney, who was found abandoned in Missouri. Fortunately, the rescued kitten was brought to Central Missouri Humane, which is caring for dozens of newborn kittens who’ve been separated from their moms.

Sydney was nursed back to health using bottles and formula donated by Animal Rescue Site readers. Photo: Central Missouri Humane

But raising orphaned kittens isn’t easy or cheap. Without their mothers to nurse them, newborn kittens need nutritious formula (which is expensive) and round-the-clock bottle feeding, which isn’t easy during a pandemic that’s left shelters overcrowded and severely short-staffed.

Thankfully, these orphaned kittens have a secret weapon in their corner–-you! Find out how your support helped us give Sydney and other rescued animals a second chance!

Bottle-Feeding Baby Kittens

With funding generated by your clicks, donations, and shopping, Greater Good Charities was able to supply Central Missouri Humane with nursing bottles and nutritious kitten formula.

Both items are key to helping orphaned kittens survive their early days in the shelter, but they’re also very expensive–especially for this busy shelter, which takes in hundreds of kittens each year.

Orphaned kittens require bottle-feeding and nutritious formula to survive without mom. Photo: Central Missouri Humane

Your donation was quickly distributed among CMH’s foster parents, who used these life-saving supplies to begin nursing newborn kittens back to health–and eventual adoption. After blossoming in foster care, little Sydney has already put on weight and found her forever home!

“We are very thankful for the generous donation of kitten formula and bottles to help us care for these kittens,” shelter workers told Greater Good Charities. “Having supplies on hand to care for the most fragile members of our population is a huge relief.”

Rescuing Newborn Puppies

Your support also helped us provide bottles and puppy formula for Alaqua Animal Refuge, a Florida rescue that used them to save several litters of newborn puppies. Your donation (which also included protective masks for shelter visitors and staff) was quickly shared among foster parents–just time to nurse an orphaned puppy named Lera back to health.

Puppy milk formula helps rescued puppies grow into healthy dogs. Photo: Alaqua Animal Refuge

“Without a mother, Lera needs to be bottle-fed,” shelter workers told Greater Good Charities, describing your donation of puppy milk formula as “a blessing.”

Your donation also helped Lollipop, another orphaned puppy who gained strength after bottle-feeding. “This orphaned puppy has already put on a full pound of much-need body weight!” shelter workers rejoiced. “Because of these supplies, Lera and Lollipop will grow up to be healthy dogs who will eventually get adopted.”

Saving Louisiana Shelter Pets

In Louisiana, your daily clicks, donations, and shopping helps us support shelters flooded by displaced animals in the wake of Hurricane Ida. Many rescues are also flown to safety on our Flights to Freedom.

At Lafourche Parish Animal Center, shelter workers used Greater Good’s donation of nursing bottles, formula, and other shelter supplies to recruit foster parents, who play a critical role by helping crowded shelter care for the area’s many homeless animals.

Photo: Lafourche Parish Animal Center

“It helps so much to be able to offer a ‘start kit’ for fosters including formula and bottles,” said shelter workers, who can now quickly place orphaned kittens and puppies with foster parents, thus increasing their chance of survival.

“This litter of five kittens were able to find a foster on the day of intake thanks to the GreaterGood formula and supply donation,” said shelter workers, who can now advertise for new foster families and keep fosters “on deck” to meet the next intake of puppies or kittens.

Helping Vets & Service Dogs-In-Training

Your clicks, donations, and shopping also helped us do good in Texas, where our rescue partner, Patriot Paws, is training shelter dogs to become service animals for veterans.

With your support, Greater Good provided this organization with toys and training supplies for service dogs-in-training. Someday, these future service dogs will repay your generosity by helping veterans in need.

Jett and Kennedy are service dogs-in-training. Photo: Patriot PAWS

“Hello, my name is Jett, and I am going to be a future service dog,” “wrote” Jett, one of the 85 dogs who benefited from your donation. “Patriot PAWS received a donation from Greater Good with all sorts of new chew toys and treats for my friends and me to enjoy. Here I am with my training buddy Kennedy relaxing on our new dog beds, showing off all the wonderful new goodies we get to share with our friends.”

Your donation — which included toys, dog treats, raised dog beds, food bowls, nutritional powder, and other training necessities–helps Patriot PAWS create training packs for puppy raisers, who range from poor college students to prison inmates–both groups with little money to spare.


“I overheard the trainers say that some of these awesome items were going to go to Prison and to College to make sure that all Patriot PAWS dogs have comfy beds and delicious chews and treats,” “said” Jett. “I love to sit on my bed while waiting for my turn training, it is one of my favorite spots. My new dumbbell chew toy is so much fun, it makes relaxing after a day of training so much fun. Thank you Greater Good!”

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