Great Pyrenees

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With elegant white fur and regal characteristics, the Great Pyrenees is a beautiful breed. A sheep protector by nature, he does the job effortlessly and without complaint. With his thick coat, the Great Pyrenees adapts to colder weather and will work tirelessly into the night.
The Great Pyrenees has a coat which is white, but can have various marking colors including gray and tan. This breed stands approximately 25 to 32 inches high at the shoulder.
As a working dog, the Great Pyrenees is agile and dedicated. This breed is an excellent family dog as well. It is important to note that the guarding instincts of the Great Pyrenees may make it territorial sometimes and obedience training is essential for this type of dog. With that said, if you want a loyal and kind dog breed, the Great Pyrenees has these qualities also.
The grooming task associated with the Great Pyrenees is a big one due to his large amount of fur and thick coat. A few brushings each week will take care of the shedding and keep the fur manageable. When you bring a Great Pyrenees into your home, make sure that you are willing to ensure that this breed gets continual daily exercise. A large yard to run in or taking your Great Pyrenees for daily walks will keep your pup content and in good health.
Whether you want a sheep protector or a family dog to keep you company, the Great Pyrenees will fill this role perfectly. This dog d does tend to bark quite a bit so make sure that you are prepared for this characteristic as well. Remember to inquire about obedience training so that your Great Pyrenees can be on his best behavior as much as possible.

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