Dog Is Given A Forever Home After Being Found With A Jar On His Head

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and one of the gentle giants that we have come to love so much is the great Pyrenees. Originally bred to guard livestock, they are now often a very loving and sometimes protective member of the family. Like all dogs, they also run into trouble on occasion.

The Great Pyrenees Rescue Society (GPRS) reported on one of these large dogs, JJ, that was found with a jar on his head.

They describe the scene: “Unwanted, left to fend for himself, skeletal thin and starving, he searched for food. In a desperate attempt to find something to diminish his hunger he came upon a plastic jug that contained some remnants of food.”

When the dog found himself in a dire situation, he tried to lick food out of the inside of the jug and ended up with his head stuck inside. As you can imagine, this could easily turn into a life-threatening situation.

According to the dog’s rescuers, he was going off of his sense of smell and his hunger and that led him to be in the trouble he was in. The jug was wedged on his head and he spent days wandering around without food or water until a “good Samaritan” discovered the situation.

A group of volunteers from the Great Pyrenees Rescue Society was alerted to the problem and they “jumped into action.” JJ was freed from the jug and rushed to the veterinarian for assistance.

After having his immediate medical needs care for, JJ was cared for in a loving foster home. He was getting better and soon was ready for a forever home.

It didn’t take long before JJ, who is now named Jack, found his way into a home for life. According to an update post, he “loves snuggling on the bed and getting lots of playtime” with his new family.

The Great Pyrenees Rescue Society looked back on the situation and some things up nicely, saying: “We just love these happily ever afters.”

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