He Runs Out With A Bright Red Toy. What Follows Suit Is Absolute Cuteness!

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Sometimes you don’t want something until you see other people with it, especially when it comes to siblings. When I was younger, if my siblings had a certain toy, I wanted one too or else I would be jealous or feel left out. Well, I think it’s safe to say that these doggy siblings feel the same way I did.

One dog, Stella, who is leading the pack, has a toy that her furry siblings would love to get their paws on. She’s running around a wall in circles with Mannix not far behind her. The little pup, named Ricky, is chasing after her too. He definitely proves that he isn’t too tiny to run with the big guys. Watching them makes me dizzy! Eventually Mannix gets his mouth on the toy, but Stella came out victorious! I think Stella needs a lesson on sharing though!

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