Great Dane

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Although large in size, the Great Dane is ind and gentle. This breed was initially a boar hunter and estate guard dog and his energetic and loyal nature made him very good at what he did. Although a hunting and guard dog in the past, the Great Dane is a friendly dog by nature.
This breed comes in a variety of colors including mantle, blue, black, fawn and brindle, to name a few. The Great Dane stands at least 30 inches high at the shoulder on average and is quite impressive in stature.
Even though these dogs used to serve as estate guard dogs, the Great Dane in the family home today is kind and pleasant to be around. This dog loves nothing more than spending daily quality time with the family. Due to their size, Great Danes should be supervised around small children.
When you bring a Great Dane into your home, you should be sure that your living accommodations are large enough to fit your Great Dane comfortably. A single family home and large backyard are the ideal living quarters for your pet. These dogs need constant daily exercise and love nothing more than a long run with their owners. Even if you don’t have time to take your pet for long runs each day, make sure that they get outside for a while each day to get their extra energy out.
With regard to grooming the Great Dane, since this breed has a short length coat, an occasional brushing will often do the trick. If you want to find a loyal dog which is intelligent and active, the Great Dane is the perfect choice.

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