Great Dane Copies Owner’s Lunges

If “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” then this dog’s owner should feel very flattered.

When Luca the Great Dane sees his owner doing lunges across the length of the room, he immediately becomes curious. When he begins to mimic his owner’s movements, it’s difficult to tell if Luca is feeling a little anxious about it, if he’s consciously copying him, or if he thinks his owner is playing with him so he’s playing back.

Or maybe it’s a combination of all three.

Luca’s on high alert when his owner begins lunging toward him. Luca scrambles out of the way and circles around behind him, looking briefly at the camera as if to say, “Are you seeing this?!”

Photo: YouTube/Daily Mail

Then he follows on his owner’s heels and does the first “lunge” of his own, stretching out his front legs as if he’s bowing. He sort of hops forward a bit, his legs still awkwardly stretched forward, before lurching back up.

Photo: YouTube/Daily Mail

Luca follows his human dutifully to the end of the hallway where we see another dog, who has apparently decided he is not playing.

Photo: YouTube/Daily Mail

Then a little boy joins the cast of characters. He does a couple half-hearted lunges before skipping to the end of the hallway and turning around to watch Luca continue his valiant effort in trying to figure out this lunge thing.

Photo: YouTube/Daily Mail

As his owner starts his second trek down the hallway, Luca gears up for another round of follow-the-leader, tail wagging.

Research shows that dogs do mimic humans’ actions and behaviors at times unintentionally. Is that what’s going on here? Can Luca just not help himself?

Photo: YouTube/Daily Mail

When his owner starts the return trek, Luca scrambles backwards, and then gallops into the adjacent room playfully.

He circles around and thrusts his front legs down again, bowing as his owner lunges past him, tail wagging energetically. It’s here where it seems like he is indeed only being playful…

Photo: YouTube/Daily Mail

But then moments later, he scrambles back onto the hardwood to continue lunging!

Photo: YouTube/Daily Mail

What do you think? Is Luca trying to imitate his owner, or is he just interested in playing a game that his owner doesn’t realize he’s playing?

Check out this video to see this hilarious duo in action!

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