Great Dane Grows Impatient Waiting For Cat To Be Done In The Shower…Yes, You Read That Right!!

Have you ever lived with a lot of people but only had one bathroom to share? It feels like you are waiting an eternity for someone to be done in the shower so you can finally brush your teeth or use the bathroom. This Great Dane knows how you feel!

Sid the cat his taking his sweet time in the shower, and enjoying every second of it. He is just standing there under the shower head, letting the water come down as he licks it over and over with his eyes closed. Poor Katie the Great Dane is waiting ever so patiently for her cat friend to be finished. She stands in the doorway watching and lets out a big yawn before finally walking away.

Come on Sid, you’re jacking up the water bill!

Source: Great Dane restlessly waits for cat to finish shower by BronzeFineArt on Rumble

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