This Great Dane Can’t Fit In The Tub…So His Owners Used The Kitchen Sink In A Creative Way!

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Some dogs hate bath time and refuse to even go near the tub. Others love it and never want to get out of the tub. This pup feels the latter, but there’s only one problem: he’s a fully grown Great Dane who is taller than his human and definitely has a hard time fitting in the tub. But that doesn’t stop his owner from giving him a bath. He just comes up with a new, unique way and it’ll make you laugh!

Luckily there is a window in the kitchen near the sink. So the owner takes this giant pup outside of the house and lets him jump up on the window. His other owner then takes the faucet head and puts it out the window. Their solution quickly becomes an outdoor shower! The dog just stands there, loving every second of it. It’s like an outdoor bath for dogs, except he fortunately gets to take it with warm water. What a cute and great idea!

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