This Great Dane Is Used To Being An Only Child. So, When Mom Brings Home A New Baby, THIS Happens.

Many of us know how it feels to be jealous of a sibling. I was an only child for seven years before my little brother came along. I was so used to getting all of the attention, that when he was born, it was hard to handle not being the center of it all anymore. This Great Dane knows how that feels, and he isn’t really doing a good job at handling it.

He isn’t an only child, anymore. His human had a baby, and now the baby is getting most of the attention. The pup doesn’t know what to think of it, but he does know that he wants one thing and one thing only: attention and lots of it! His human is playing with her baby, but the dog keeps getting in between them. No matter how many treats or pets or kisses she gives him, he still doesn’t give up. Watch him adorably compete for all the attention!

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