At First, Firefighters Thought It Was A Joke. When You See What Happened, You Won’t Believe It Either!

Apparently cats aren’t the only animals who get stuck in trees. This 120-pound Great Dane, named Kora, wound up getting stuck in a 20-foot high tree! Her humans called the Plattsmouth Fire Department, who thought that it was a joke at first.

When they arrived, they got their ladder out and began to rescue her from the tree. They put a dog harness from the k-9 unit on her and gently lowered her to the ground. No one saw how she got up the tree in the first place, but some suspect she was chasing a raccoon. Her owner’s friend climbed the tree and sat with her to comfort her until the fire department arrived. The dog then ran back into the house as if nothing happened. Thank God the pup is safe!

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