Great Dane FAQ and Etiquette

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My wife and I take our five-year-old Great Dane, Roxi, on regular walks and, inevitably, we get stopped 2-3 times per walk to answer questions about her and the breed. If you buy a Great Dane, be prepared. It’s like walking a celebrity who can’t talk for themselves. It’s fun to meet new people, but the questions and comments are always the same.  Thus, the public needs an FAQ and an etiquette guide.  That way, the next time you meet a Great Dane, you’ll already know everything and we can skip right to showing you all of her tricks!

How much do Great Danes eat?

6-8 cups of food a day while they are growing.  (year 1)   2-3 cups of food a day during adulthood (age 2 and after)

How much does a Great Dane weigh?

Most females weigh between 110 and 150 lbs.  Most males range from 120 – 200 lbs.  Roxi happens to be 165 and is considered large for a female.

How tall is a Great Dane when it stands on its hind legs?

About 6 ft. tall, give or take a couple of inches.

Where does she sleep?

She has an XXL dog bed on the floor.  Yes, she tries to sleep with us, but not even a King bed would give us enough room.

How much space does a Great Dane need?

This is one of the biggest surprises for most people.  Just because a Great Dane is large doesn’t mean that they need a lot of extra space.  Our Great Dane sleeps a lot and is happy in a two-bedroom condo with regular walks.

Great Dane etiquette

Picture taking:  My Great Dane has been in more photos in her life than I have been in mine.  It’s great!  She loves it.  We’re happy to do a photo opportunity with you on our walk.  But, please just ask first.  There is nothing creepier than someone sneakily photographing you from 10 feet away.

Asking about Great Dane’s age:  If you want to know how old my Great Dane is, I’m happy to tell you.  However, it’s just tacky to bring up their relatively short life expectancy.  Yes, we know they only live to age 7, on average.  Thanks for reminding us.

“That’s not a dog, it’s a horse:”  We hear this joke 2-5 times per walk.  It gets old.  If you think we are forcing a laugh and faking a smile, we are.  Think of something clever and you’ll happily catch us off guard!

Implying that we are cruel for owning a Great Dane in an apartment:  Unless you own a Great Dane, you wouldn’t understand what they need.  So, keep your judgement to yourself and let us proceed with our walk.

Do you own a Great Dane? Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments!

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